Nowadays whether it be a computer, a server , a company or even a website everything is connected to a network. So understanding how networks work and what could be the potential threats or vulnerabilities to a network is very important.

What is a network?

A network is a group of two or more devices that are connected to each other to share the data or share the resource. A network contains a number of different computer system that is connected by a physical or wireless connection like server or router. This router has direct access to the internet. …

Since the placement season is going on, a lot of companies are visiting my college for offering summer internships and full time placement offers.

Microsoft visited our campus in the month of December for the role Associate Consultant Intern. The initial shortlisting criteria was based on our current CGPAs and top 20 people were eligible for giving the online test.

Round 1- Online Test

The online test was conducted on Mettl Platform. There were 4 sections on the test.

  1. Analytical Reasoning
    It consisted of 20 questions and the time limit for this section was 20 min.
  2. Coding
    It consisted of 2 coding questions of…

In this article I will be making you familiar with what Deno is and how is it different or similar to NodeJS. In the end I will talk about “Can Deno replace NodeJS?” Lets get started…

Deno is a runtime (not a programming language) built on V8, the Google runtime engine for JavaScript that can execute JavaScript and TypeScript. Deno needs to first compile TypeScript to JavaScript.

Let’s look at common features of Deno and Node:

  1. They’re both runtime environments for JavaScript
  2. They both run on any computer where you can run V8
  3. They both have ECMAScript standard support
  4. They’re both actively maintained

Setting up Deno

For setting up Deno in your…

A guide to help you understand the asynchronous behaviour of Node JS.

Being a backend developer, I understand how people tend to get confused between the asynchronous and synchronous behaviour of NodeJS. Through this blog I will explain the asynchronous behaviour of NodeJS and answer all your HOWs and WHYs!

Drop off the confusion and read along. Let’s get started!

If you read any article about NodeJS , you will find something very common coming up . These four terms describe the nature of NodeJS- Asynchronous, Non blocking, Single threaded and Event driven.

Navyaa Sharma

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