Microsoft On-campus Internship Interview Experience

Since the placement season is going on, a lot of companies are visiting my college for offering summer internships and full time placement offers.

Microsoft visited our campus in the month of December for the role Associate Consultant Intern. The initial shortlisting criteria was based on our current CGPAs and top 20 people were eligible for giving the online test.

Round 1- Online Test

The online test was conducted on Mettl Platform. There were 4 sections on the test.

  1. Analytical Reasoning
    It consisted of 20 questions and the time limit for this section was 20 min.
  2. Coding
    It consisted of 2 coding questions of medium level and the time limit for this section was 25 min.
  3. Technical MCQs
    It consisted of 20 questions and the time limit for this section was 20 min.
  4. Essay Writing

Round 2- Technical Interview 1

The interview started with me introducing myself to the interviewer. The interviewer was very friendly and made the interview very comfortable.

He said he was impressed on reading my resume and wanted me to tell him more about my projects and work experience till now. Most of the questions he asked were resume based initially. Then he asked me to differentiate SQL and NOSQL databases. He also asked me some basic DBMS questions, then some related to cloud computing and Microsoft Azure. At the end he asked me some common puzzles and the interview lasted for 1 hour 5 min.

Round 3- Technical Interview 2

In this round he asked me questions based on my resume and cloud computing. He also gave me some real life scenarios and wanted to know my approach towards how will I proceed to solve the problem. The interview lasted for 45 min.

Round 4- HR Interview

The interviewer asked me to introduce myself, followed by some managerial questions and real life scenarios. Questions like why should we hire you, Tell me your positive and negative side, Where do you see yourself in next 5 years and What’s your aim of life were some of the questions asked. The interview lasted for 25–30 min.

At last, the final results came out on the last day of 2020, and I was one among the 4 people who got selected and I have been offered summer internship for 2 months in Microsoft.

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